Mars, the red planet was once very similar to our mother Earth, which could have made life habitable on it. But today, the red planet has completely turned in a cold dessert.Solar wind and radiation are the major factors that have wiped off the Mars atmosphere

The new study provides hints of how the planet has transformed into dry place and the prevailing conditions are not suitable for life to exists on it.

Mars atmosphere

The water most essential form of life was present on Mars earlier, but currently, it has been wiped off completely resulting in a dry place. According to past studies, the climatic conditions on Mars was very different as compared to its current conditions. The red planet might have been warmer to allow the flow of water for prolonged time period. However, today the Mar’s atmosphere is completely different and this may be due to the cold and thin atmosphere.

The thinner atmosphere on Mars prevents the water from retaining there. Due to thin air, the water on the planet starts boiling.

Bruce Jakosky, the scientist from the University of Colorado Boulder, said: “The thick atmosphere that was present earlier has been wiped away by solar wind and radiation. Due to this, the atmosphere has become so thin that water could not stay there.”

Role of carbon dioxide in making Mars habitable

The red planet is composed of carbon dioxide, which is responsible for keeping the planet warm. Jokosky added: “The wipe out of carbon dioxide from the planet may reveal why it has turned from being habitable to non-habitable one.”

The factors affecting the Martian atmosphere

The latest information from MAVEN spacecraft suggests that solar wind and radiation were major factors that have contributed to the loss of martian atmosphere and in turn made difficult for life to exist on it.

The results of the study were published on March 31 by Jakosky and his team in the journal Science.

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