Sofia Vergara has likened her husband Joe Manganiello to a Hindu monk as the actress says that Manganiello has a calming effect on her.

Vergara says that her husband has taught her how to meditate. The actress also added that her husband is a very spiritual person and is able to deal with everything very well.

“I call him my Hindu monk. I’m all, ‘Aaaaaaaaahhhhh’ and he’s like… Nothing,” Vergara said.

“One day he suddenly put his head in his hands and said, ‘Oh my God’. I didn’t see his face or his smile and said, ‘Ayyy, what happened? Who died?’ It was terrible. I had never seen him with his head in his hands like that.

“He said nothing, nothing. Sorry. It’s just that I got this part in the movie.’ He laughed and I was going crazy. It was his dream role. Thank goodness he showed me how to meditate… Finding Joe has brought me a lot of peace. A very profound calm,” she added.

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