Scientists have analyzed some grisly scenarios that could cause human death. This includes getting crushed in a falling lift, getting close to the neutron star, jumping through the center of the Earth and much more. Paul Doherty, senior staff scientist at San Francisco’s Exploratorium Museum took some questions from the public and disclosed some of the imaginable alarming scenarios that could lead to death.

Some of the scenarios are as follows:

Being crushed in a lift that falls down to the bottom floor

The people living above the first floor will be at high risk of fear of being crushed in a falling lift down to the bottom floor. If you’re standing up, your organs may keep falling even though your body has stopped, Doherty warned. The best way to react in this situation is to lie down flat on your back, spreading the G force evenly through your body. You should also note that the design of the lift will have a huge impact on whether you survive or die.

Being struck by a particle accelerator

Particle accelerators accelerating subatomic particles to high speeds by using electromagnetic fields. You die or not when you are exposed to the particle accelerator depends on the power of radiation it carries, according to Doherty. Sticking to a highly radioactive particle accelerator may lead to terrifying injuries and can eve cause death.

Jumping through the center of the Earth

If you dig a hole from pole to pole and jump through one hole in the Earth it would take 45 minutes for you to get to the other hole. But as soon as you get through the core of the earth, you will be burned to death because the center of the Earth is much hotter than the surface of the sun.

Falling to the bottom of Mariana trench

The Mariana Trench is the deepest part of the ocean that lies between Japan to the North and Australia to the South. Its deepness is around 36,000 feet. Doherty said, when you fall into the bottom of the Mariana you would die before reaching the crushing depth.

Getting closer to a neutron star

Neutron stars are formed after the gravitational collapse of the remains of massive stars after the explosion of a supernova. You would be killed by the radiation of these neutron stars.

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