Meet Cozmo, Anki's new robotic artificial intelligenceCozmo, a palm-sized robot is an intermediate between a harmless toy and a bold refutation. Produced by Anki, it is not trying to sell a vision of future like Apple, Google and other tech companies. Anki wants to show AI can also be a source of joy and a unique way to build up a strong relationship with technology. AI could entirely change the life of a human. Cosmo could be available at a price of $179. It received a fund of $52.5 million from J.P Morgan after participation from Andreessen Horowitz, Index Ventures and Two Sigma.

Cozmo is classified as a robotic toy. Similar to Cozmo; Pepper, SoftBank’s concierge robot that is already released in Japan will debut in the US this year. Anki’s CEO and co-founder Boris Sofman said, “Imagine your favorite character from a Pixar or Disney animated movie, then take that into the physical land and give it emotions that aren’t programmed or random, but rather relevant to what’s going on.” “That’s what is Cozmo. He’s a newbie when you get him. But over time, he’ll expand his personality and connection to you”, he further added.

It has an advanced software to keep backups of its smart activities. Anki has programmed the robot to which it has named as emotion engine. Cozmo will have same emotions as for how humans have right from happiness to calmness and from frustration to boldness. If you lift it up, Cozmo’s blue square-shaped eyes will look as angry slivers and its lift-like arms will rise and fall rapidly to show its annoyance. While playing a game with Cozmo, its eyes will turn upside-down U’s to show happiness. In case it loses the game, it will go mad and hit the table. Cozmo links itself to an iOS or Android app. It communicates with Anki’s server that helps in lifting the heavy objects.


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