Google is seemingly reconsidering its app lineup and as some get the boot, others join the party.  Google will permanently replace Gchat by Hangouts. The company has also released two new communication apps namely Allo and Duo and it continues adding more features to them. Presently, the company is working on at least another social app.

Google social app for photo editing

As per the TechCrunch, Google is silently working on a new app that would help small groups to work combined to edit, organize and share photos. This will make group photos more fun and exciting, modifying photo editing into a social task.

The company accepted the move and said TechCrunch that it is indeed working on such an app, but the app is still at an initial stage. Some reports also suggest that the company may be planning to launch the app at its Google I/O 2017 event in May.

Google photo editing for groups: What to expect?

Google wants to design a social photo app that promotes collaboration and interaction, helping users to create groups for sharing pictures, then edit and tag the photos within the groups.

Apart from this, Google would impart its computer vision technology and prowess that presently supports popular services, for example, Google Photos, YouTube and Google’s own image search. This means that company’s upcoming photo editing app will allow users to easily identify objects in an image for tagging and organizing purposes, which would make photo searching easier.

Google social media efforts

Google has not gained much popularity from its social apps until now, but it keeps trying. Also, Google seems to make a social media scene and its apparently launching various apps to see what will benefit them. Social media has been acquiring momentum over the past years and Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and the likes not only act as a venue for communications but also provides a lot of advertising and information.

The company requires at least one successful social app to keep up with its consumer volume. Do you think that social photo app will be meet this needs?

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