“Global Warming” and “Climate Change” are one of the biggest issues that the nations face. The thinning of the Arctic ice cap has led to an explosion of sea life that absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. A study made at Harvard University has found that the ocean ice cap has become very thin to let sunlight through, which allowed regular “phytoplankton” blooms to flourish under the ice in the water.

The suggestions of the climate scientists of manufacturing the phenomenon of global warming are just amazing. The research suggests that the phytoplankton blooms may have become common events. Such kind of blooms can be detected using icebreaker ships as these cannot be confirmed through sea-ice.

Lead author and Harvard Ph.D. student Chris Horvat, who led the study said the team had not cast nutrients such as phosphates, sulphur and nitrates but sunlight levels under the ice. The concept of the thin ice was comparatively easy to understand out of all the dense science that was presented by all the scientist. They presented their findings in a logical order. They started with the question of whether the temperature of the Earth’s surface had absolutely increased and whether the carbon dioxide level and other greenhouse gases did too.

Another scientist Mr. Lamb visited with another researcher who made use of computer models and old geological records to foretell climatic changes in future. It was a smart move for the scientists themselves to explain their findings in simple terms and made it easy for humans to trust them. Readers are able to see and hear what actually scientists had to say without even believing on a second-hand interpretation of the science and of the conclusions of the studies.

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