Apple is seemingly moving towards the OLED route as a new report claims that Apple and Samsung have inked a massive $4.3 billion-deal for iPhone OLED displays.

The deal, which is said to be the second major deal for OLED panels between the two companies, was reported by The Investor. The publication claims through it sources that Samsung is said to be making 160 million OLED display panels for iPhone models this year – which is 80 percent of Apple’s total iPhone shipments in 2016 when it shipped 200 million units. The first deal was for 100 million display panels.

Reports have been floating around claiming that an OLED iPhone is on the cards with some even claiming that Apple is expected to use OLED panel for its top-end model that may be called the iPhone 8 or iPhone X. Reports indicate that Apple has been testing out OLED panels made by several manufacturers including Samsung, Japan Display, Sharp, and LG with the deal going to Samsung.

If the deal actually happened and takes the total number of OLED panels to be manufactured to 160 million, then previous reports about Apple using the panel just for its top-end model might not be true and use of the panel on all handsets seems more likely.

Apart from an OLED display, several changes are expected to be introduced with the 2017 iPhone models, though it remains unclear which models will get what features. Wireless charging (either a radical implementation of charging at a distance or the conventional inductive charging, narrow bezels, a Home Button integrated into the display, improved 3D Touch, enhanced Touch ID, facial recognition or an iris scanner, as well as a dual rear camera setup. For now, the company is anticipated to launch three models – a 4.7-inch iPhone 7s, a 5-inch iPhone 8 or iPhone X, and a 5.5-inch iPhone 7s Plus.

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