YouTube Makes Strict Policies For Partner Programmers Who Upload Videos to Retain Advertisers.

YouTube attempts to overcome the advertising controversy by adding more filters to the Program Partner policy for uploading videos. ...Continue reading here.


YouTube Makes Strict Policies For Partner Programmers Who Upload Videos to Retain Advertisers.YouTube started the Partner Program through which video creators could upload their videos and earn money. This was a brilliant opportunity for video creators to showcase their creativity and reach to the fellow audience. The Program Partner can make money through the advertisements posted besides their video. Recently YouTube has been in trouble, when many of their big advertising clients left them as their products were advertised besides videos containing hatred, terrorism and violence. Hence, YouTube makes strict policies to gain the trust of their advertising lobby and retain them.

This was a huge smack to YouTube because very famous and big giants like Coca-Cola, HSBC, Walmart, McDonald’s stopped advertising on their website. Google has been constantly trying to get a resolution for this issue and have announced hiring more employees to scrutinize the videos that are uploaded and played on YouTube. One important step which Google announced recently in a blog post was to make their policies stricter for the Partner Programmers who are uploading their videos.

According to the new policy, YouTube won’t post any advertisements on those videos which does not have more than 10,000 views. This clearly means that henceforth any video Uploader who is a part of the YouTube Partner program, whether new or old will have to wait until he has 10,000 views on their videos to earn money through advertisements. YouTube also announced that there would be a reviewing process for the new aspirants who want to join the YouTube Partner Program. This clearly means that each and every video uploaded should have more than 10,000 views and not 10,000 channel subscribers.

From the Advertiser’s point of view, YouTube announced that they would improve and add more tools in favor of the advertisers through which they can keep an eye on the content and get disassociated with the content they don’t like. It seems to be a temporary solution for the crisis YouTube has been facing due to the raised controversy. But this would be their first step through which they can win the game and retain their market position.

Facebook faced a similar controversy with their new service Facebook Live when objectional live videos were posted by the users on the internet. Companies are trying hard to filter these kinds of videos which promotes, hatred, racism and controversial activities through which their image could be hampered. YouTube needs to final a permanent and reliable solution through which they can avoid this kind of controversies in the near future. Blocking an Uploader till he receives 10,000 views cannot be a permanent solution and the videos need to be scrutinized and reviewed constantly to safe guard their reputation.