Windows 10 owners might be at a high risk of losing their precious information. So, all the users quickly update your operating system to the latest available version. Cyber attackers are trying to target Windows 10 computers and laptops. Among many serious vulnerabilities one such allowed hackers to learn a technique.

This technique involved Windows Search to grip the objects by residing into the main memory and then taken over the command of entire computer or laptop. Later, the cyber attackers install certain applications, browse it or can take off the applications from the system. They can also create and sign in into new accounts and will have full access to the user rights.

The hackers group can later pass on particularly fashioned messages to Windows Search Service. Hence, users should go with the latest update. This update works well by noticing the susceptibility by verifying the procedure of how Windows Search manages certain objects in the main memory.

This virus has not only affected Windows 10 PC but also its lower versions like Windows 7 as well as another Windows Server PC’s. A huge tech company that is founded on Redmond noticed 46 defects in the security provided by Windows. Out of all the defects, 25 were extremely critical and remaining 21 were less grave.

According to Microsoft, 70% of the customers were satisfied with the information that was collected in Windows 10. Maximum telemetry information and data in Windows 10 was composed by the inbuilt software. To respond back to this composed telemetry data, Microsoft modified and made user-friendly settings options so that users can switch off some of the gathered data.

Around 71% of the users are satisfied with default information gathering menu. This will allow OS to draw off complex data and return it back to Redmond.