iTunes 12.6 presents brand-new ‘Watch Anywhere’ feature to ease movie rental playback across devices


    One of the frustrating thing while renting movies on iTunes is that users are locked to finishing a film on the device they watched it initially. So when they rent a particular film using an iPhone, that movie can not be watched again on other iDevices.

    Itunes movie rental feature goes better with cross-platform support

    Apple has recently introduced a “rent once, watch anywhere” feature with iTunes 12.6, which indicates that the company is relaxing its restrictions on movie rentals in the iTunes Store. Users will no longer be forced to finish a movie on the iDevice that they initially rented.

    IOS 10.3 version is still in its late beta-testing stages, but a wide release of the latest OS update shouldn’t be far off since a software update is necessary for the rent once, watch anywhere feature.

    Earlier methods of transferring iTunes movie rental

    Although, transferring iTunes movie rentals was not completely impossible. As AppleInsider notes, earlier, Apple permitted users to transfer rented movies to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, but that content would transfer to the new device and disappear from the iTunes library on Mac or PC.

    The new approach eradicates all the restrictive transferring and removing features. It’s an uncommon move for Apple to be this lax in terms of its ecosystem.

    The company has totally freed up its restrictions. iTune Rentals still come up with many restrictions as mentioned on the Apple’s support page, but the new watch anywhere feature is an exciting update that simply makes sense to the users.

    How to download iTunes 12.6

    iTunes 12.6 is a free update from the company, and it can be downloaded by tapping “Check for Updates” in the iTunes file menu.

    The iTunes updates follow Apple’s cord of announced devices for March, along with a Product(RED) iPhone 7 and a brand-new 9.7-inch iPad that will replace the iPad Air 3.