eBay Launches Guaranteed Three-Day Shipping In US


eBay, an online retailer has promised to get items to US shoppers in three days or less with a new programme called “Guaranteed Delivery”. From this summer, the site will guarantee the speedy delivery of 20 million products from certain sellers who presently meet delivery promises. If items don’t arrive on time, eBay will give shoppers a voucher if delivery was free or refund shipping. One analyst questioned whether the move would appeal to eBay customers.

Bryan Roberts, a retail analyst at TCC Global said, “It comes as something of a surprise.” he further added, “Quite a lot of what is purchased through eBay is discretionary, for example, it’s not usually food products or urgent health.” Another new feature will allow buyers to filter products that will arrive even more quickly within one to two days’ time when browsing the site.

‘Trusting The Seller’

EBay currently believes on millions of sellers from individuals to organize deliveries to larger businesses. Brett Thome, who runs VMInnovations, which sells products via eBay said, “There are so many great sellers on eBay delivering an incredible shipping experience where they deliver in two days, and even next day, so the ability to feature Guaranteed Delivery will further increase customer confidence and satisfaction.”

Mr. Roberts said the new move depended on sellers being able to stick to the pledged delivery times. “It does involve them putting a bit of trust in their vendors,” he further added, “but it could pay off for eBay and enhance their position.” The site has experimented with accelerated delivery promises before, with varying success. In 2015, it ended a pilot programme in the US called eBay Now that offered one-hour local deliveries in certain cities.