Construction of world’s largest optical telescope begins in the desert of Chile


Construction of world’s largest optical telescope begins in the desert of ChileHere comes a huge optical telescope that could help astronomers find a life of alien and observe first galaxies 14 billion years ago. Construction of optical telescope named The European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) began in Chile. This was first granted in June 2014. After they finish its construction it will be world’s largest optical telescope, some five times larger than the top observing instruments used today.

ELT is housed in a huge rotating dome of 58 meters in diameter and the entire construction will be comparable in area to a football pitch located on a 3000m high mountain in the middle of the Atacama Desert. The telescope will come to light in 2024. Its main mirror will measure around 39 meters across.

The size of the telescope would transform our thought towards the universe. The ceremony for the beginning of the telescope’s construction was held at Paranal Observatory in Chile. President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet said in a speech, “What is being raised here is more than a telescope. Here we see one of the greatest examples of the possibilities of science.” They also celebrated the connection of the observatory to the Chilean national electrical grid.

The telescope is going to prove one of the greatest expressions of scientific and technological capabilities and one of the extraordinary potential of international cooperation. The telescope will find a way to discover planets orbiting other starts with the potential to find the smaller ones, image the larger ones and illustrate atmosphere around them.

The dry conditions of Atacama would be perfect to observe the heavenly bodies. ELT is getting the fund from European Southern Observatory, an organization consisting of European and southern hemisphere nations. According to 2012 prices, ELT would cost around $1.12-billion. President of ESO Council, Patrick Roche said that “He is a milestone in ESO’s history, the ELT will be the most powerful and ambitious telescope of its kind.”